Maintaining Amateur Radio Systems in Gloucestershire

Digital Repeaters – DMR, D-STAR and System Fusion


With the recent shutdown of the GB7GL D-STAR Repeater system in the Forest of Dean area

The group have now been given the use of the Old GB7GL Icom ID-RP2C Digital Repeater Controller and Icom ID-RP4000V UHF Digital Voice Repeater units

We are currently looking into where and how we can utilise this system within our network to improve the D-Star coverage in the Gloucestershire Area

There is also a large local interest in DMR and System Fusion systems in the local area and we are looking into whether and how we can provide such a service

Note: A licence for a 70cm DMR repeater using the callsign GB7CC has recently been issued to another group for a location 5km or so NNE of Cheltenham, we believe that this will be close to our GB3UK Repeater.