Maintaining Amateur Radio Systems in Gloucestershire


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MB7UCC is a 2m APRS Digi-Repeater which is located at Cleeve Hill [IO81XW] (5Km Northeast of Cheltenham).

The system was originally installed on Sunday 10th March 2002 (as MB7UC)

Weather Station hardware was added on 15 June 2010.

MB7UCC provides APRS ‘connectivity’ across some of the Midlands, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire & beyond.

The system comprises: a KANTRONICS 9612+ TNC with V8.2 firmware and a modified Key KM150 radio, with RF filters donated by G4FPV and utilises a small Tri-band co-linear antenna.

Location of MB7UCC (

Weather monitoring equipment was installed on the site in June 2010 see

A Rx-only (RF->Internet) APRS I-Gate system using a Raspberry Pi running APRX under Linux (Raspbian) was installed on Sunday 8th December 2013