Maintaining Amateur Radio Systems in Gloucestershire

In view of the current uncertainty of the recent COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and the governments suggestions on social gatherings etc.

The committee have decided to postpone the forthcoming Annual General Meeting of the Gloucestershire Repeater Group on 24th April 2020.

Details of a new AGM date will be made available once we feel it safe and suitable to do so

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me at chairman @

Stay Safe and Best Regards,

Matt 2E0MDJ
Gloucestershire Repeater Group Chairman

Welcome to the Gloucestershire Repeater Group Website.

Gloucestershire Repeater Group (GRG) operates & maintains a number of Amateur Radio Systems in & around the County of Gloucestershire.

All the Repeaters are available for use by any licensed Radio Amateur, but PLEASE REMEMBER – Repeaters cost money to run & maintain. There are Site rent, Electricity & Insurance bills to be paid. Some work like aerial maintenance & rigging must be done by professionals, their fees do not come cheap. Your support by being a member of the Repeater Group or by making a donation is essential for the day to day running and up-keep of the repeaters.

Please see the Membership & Donations page for information on Group membership and how to make a donation.

Information on each of the systems that the group operates is available using the site menu.

Due to a Major increase in rental costs by the land owner. GB3UK, MB7UCC and GB3CCX have been switched off and removed from site.
We are currently looking at pursuing other possible sites for GB3UK but are uncertain if it will return.
Note: The group are aware of the interest in Digital Voice (DV) Repeaters and having recently been given the D-Star equipment from GB7GL, interested group members are looking for a possible site to relocate GB7GL or to install some other Digital Voice Repeater.
The group hope to be able to continue to operate the existing Analogue Voice Repeaters GB3CG and GB3GH if or when any decision is made to provide a DV repeater.