Maintaining Amateur Radio Systems in Gloucestershire


The GB3CG 2m Voice repeater is located on Churchdown Hill (between Cheltenham and Gloucester) [IO81VU] at Approx 150m above Sea Level, it has been operational since 1st January 1998.

A coverge map for GB3CG is available from the RSGB Emerging Technology Co-ordination Committee.

The repeater operates on 145.725MHz Tx / 145.125MHz Rx & is accessible using either CTCSS (‘J’ 118.8 Hz) or 1750Hz Tone burst.

Current equipment consists of a pair of Key Radio (KM150) Transceivers, with control logic designed and constructed by Steve G4FPV, and cavities constructed by Nick G6AWT and others.

The antenna system is a small co-linear, giving the full 10 watts ERP permitted under the licence.

Note: GB3CG has no battery backup at this time.