Maintaining Amateur Radio Systems in Gloucestershire

5th April 2024 – GB3CG Update:
A visit was made to GB3CG today (5th April 2024) in attempt to fix the known intermittent issues with receiver sensitivity, a replacement receiver was made available however there was found to be a problem with the replacement receiver.
The original receiver was installed back into the CG repeater system and all seems to be working well again with reports from distant stations able to access the repeater again…
We will continue to monitor and run tests on the system and welcome reports to confirm CG is back to a fully operational state…

Reports can be sent by email to


The GB3CG 2m Voice repeater is located on Churchdown Hill (between Cheltenham and Gloucester) [IO81VU] at Approx 150m above Sea Level, it has been operational since 1st January 1998.

A coverge map for GB3CG is available from the RSGB Emerging Technology Co-ordination Committee.

The repeater operates on 145.725MHz Tx / 145.125MHz Rx & is accessible using either CTCSS (ā€˜Jā€™ 118.8 Hz) or 1750Hz Tone burst.

Current equipment consists of a pair of Key Radio (KM150) Transceivers, with control logic designed and constructed by Steve G4FPV, and cavities constructed by Nick G6AWT and others.

The antenna system is a small co-linear, giving the full 10 watts ERP permitted under the licence.

Note: GB3CG has no battery backup at this time.

Note: There is currently a known intermittent fault with the GB3CG receiver resulting in weaker signals being unable to access the repeater at times, work is ongoing to locate and fix the problem…